On Climate Change & Weather Modification

Most people worldwide agree we’ve had some kind of climate change. Extreme weather, daisies in December… Some argue mankind has had nothing to do with it, others claim it has everything to do with it and that we should move from coal and oil to more sustainable alternatives.

We’ll run out of coal and oil anyway. Coal powerplants produce toxic air emmissions and lots of problematic waste when they try to ‘clean’ the air, so they are not ‘zero waste’ or ‘healthy’ at all.

It is VERY problematic when oil or gas are acquired by fracking or from tar sands or such. Water can be polluted, health of people jeopardized. Traffic exhaust fumes affect health of people too: air pollution has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and more.

Some think climate change is a ‘hoax’ – it could be a PR stunt for the solar, wind and nuclear industry, though it seems quite unlikely. More likely, nuclear industry attached itself to what some scientists have been saying, and tried to exploit the cause.

Some believe ‘HAARP’ and ‘chemtrails’ or other illicit weather modification technology have been making these floods and extreme weather.

I don’t know why there would have to be ‘either – or’ though. Isn’t it possible that they could both be true? ‘Natural’ or ‘climate change’ induced storms or rains could be ‘amplified’ with undercover technology, or ‘climate change’ could make started weather worse.

Even if ‘weather wars’ might be just SF – science fiction now, weather warfare has been exploited in the past and may likely be again, so it’s good to know how to detect it and protect against it. And use weather modification for the good.

Some people are convinced weather modification or any ‘geoengineering’ or such are at best only ‘quick fixes’ that don’t really fix the problem of climate change. But I think we need to pull all our resources, as long as they are relatively environmentally and health-friendly. Yes, let’s strive toward a low impact lifestyle… While we’re doing that, cycling and walking and taking public transport and car-sharing etc. and lowering our electricity usage, let’s keep the ‘big picture’ in mind. But big floods or other disasters can create lots of damage and if this damage can be prevented, surely weather modification programs and monitoring of any such activities can help?

Conspiracy theories have it that some might be after population reduction – some openly admit it. But with new discoveries in agriculture such as vertical farming, desalineation of water etc, feeding the world is not a problem. Not everyone is greedy for ‘a lot’, some just wish ‘survival’… The real issue is wise use and distribution of resources.

But where are the big profits, you say?

Well, there may be lots of ‘little profits’ like from crowdfunding, or different profits. Ideally, each person, community, company and country would have different ‘profit centers’ and ‘energy centers’, like in permaculture.

Sure, some say destruction makes economic ‘growth’ – short-term, this can be true, long-term, we may run out of resources to make new ‘stuff’ and place for waste though. And let’s admit it, we like our stuff, why make new if not needed yet?

New modes of trade and lifestyle are needed, sharing economy and circular economy are part of the answers. More on that later. But if people had fridges on lease from a company, surely that company would be interested in maintaining wellbeing of the fridges for as long as possible before having to fork out for materials to make a new one, if the old one were kaputt.

As now they get paid only for new fridges, floods and destruction may have been in their interest. As long as the factories weren’t flooded themselves.

We need to change mentality. We need less stuff, not more.

So, are floods a conspiracy theory or climate change or could be both? Who knows.

But let’s do everything we can to prevent them.

Let’s invest into flood prevention on all levels – but in a way that people who live in flood areas are consulted too, not just studies made and everything looks good on paper, when in reality…? Let’s not build in flood areas. There are many empty or half empty houses elsewhere! Let’s find better ways to move the economy or reach consensus/agreement (some conspiracy theory sites argued that disasters/extreme weather have been used to blackmail governments into complying).

Let’s not search for secret trade agreements, but achieve transparency and truly democratic processes. Is this possible? I don’t know, but we sure can dream.

Will what has just been written cause another flood? Hope not. Then one could likely assume the weather modification conspiracy theory, though rains have been announced as well. So the final word is still unsaid.

Though I’d much prefer to read an entry on cnn or elsewhere on the internet, rather than have to do guesswork as to what ‘they’ like or don’t like.

Surely, if there could be a fair deal like written in a previous post, that could benefit the economies more than any TTIP or TISA. But what about the corporations? Let’s see in another post.


What would be a FAIR good weather & peace program?

goodweatherfield A proposal: As historically Chinese doctors have been paid to keep people healthy, interested parties would receive money based on real peace and good weather in countries worldwide. Appropriate weather and peace would promote tourism, farming and other industries, so it would only be natural that these sectors would contribute into the fund.

As world farming revenue is around 3 trillion dollars and tourism revenue has surpassed 1 trillion dollars, even just 1 percentage of that would give a working budget of billions of dollars.

Ideally 100 billion US dollars would be raised yearly, to be invested in USA and Europe (so called ‘developed’ world), and another 100 billion dollars to be invested in Africa and Asia (and ‘developing’ countries). Developed countries may already have weather modification technology and a relatively good standard of living, however there have been poverty and problems there too and developing countries have been more affected by weather and conflict so programs are needed there too – generally we need worldwide good programs.

Countries or tourism providers who could not contribute financially, could contribute in other ways too, this would be agreed on an individual basis.

Ideally, countries or other interested parties would pay into a fund an agreed percentage of monthly or yearly net revenues from tourism, farming, hydroelectric power plants, industry, and anything else related to the weather – if there would be peace and good weather in the country all year round, or for short-term enterprises eg at the time of a sports event, the money would go to the fund and to agreed partners: eg NGOs or others making good programs in agreed countries (eg USA or others holding weather modification technology who have pledged to make efforts and actively contribute to good weather and true peace), or peace-wise to companies like Academi or Blackwater (if they chose to stay out of the countries) or protest-teaching organization/s if needed (if there were no protests or a smaller percentage of money if they were completely peaceful protests). Percentages would be previously agreed.

If there were some so-so weather or bad weather, there would be a smaller percentage of money that would stay in the fund, and if there were natural disasters or armed conflict, the country would not pay any money into the good weather and peace fund or would get it back, ideally to help any refugees (who could become volunteers for good programs) or help improve anti-flood protection or such. So it would be a risk-free program, building trust.

Countries holding weather technology or good programs could apply to be recipients of the money collected, and thus avoid being dependent on corporations or iffy interests directly.

Examples of good programs to be done in recipient countries and elsewhere worldwide:

– free housing for volunteers in the good weather and peace and environmental and zero waste and other agreed programs: this would help toward stability, peace and good tourism within the countries (offering people in a pre-homeless state a place to live in exchange for volunteering, if needed perhaps food and water and other amenities too)

– moneyspending teams comprised of trustworthy environmental NGOs, local people including native/indigenous cultures and trustworthy people from the local, state and national governments, the military, business, journalists, independent researchers and any other important and interested parties, to be approved by trustworthy good weather and peace and environmental and zero waste activists – based on win-win priorities

Suggestion of independent NGOs to be included: CHEJ (Citizens for Health and Environmental Justice), Greenpeace, Story of Stuff, Friends of Earth, Zero Waste World network…

– research teams worldwide – tracking weather and satellites data, planes, ships etc. < looking for anomalies or ‘attacks’ – supervision/surveillance programs!

As it is, it can be difficult to know what weather is a consequence of Nature, climate change and/or weather modification – this would need to be tracked.

– and more…

This is just an example of what could be done if all nations of the world would step together!

Vision of a Better World! And a possible ‘zero waste’ project/program.

hand in hand Imagine a world where people worldwide live in peace and creative cooperation. Boring? You say. Not if they work on really meaningful projects, like zero waste and environmental cleanup and other cool environmental projects and making a better world.

We do need the armed forces, at least in the time being (maybe there will be a time when we will ‘outgrow’ this and there will be other cool jobs and ways of living) but I like to think there are people defending us if needed. Notice I said ‘defending’, not ‘attacking’. They can also help with other cool stuff, like they helped with Clean Up Slovenia and Clean Up World.

What I would really like to see is armed forces helping supervise materials flows: inflow and outflow, so that we would really know what has been produced or mined where and how, and if there are proper ways for recycling it and how it is recycled. Together with NGOs and people-whistleblowers and local inhabitants, of course.

We are talking about huge data crunching programs, where you go into a store and really know what you’re buying. As of now, it’s a bit of a lottery and trying to buy eg ethical and environmentally friendly ‘zero waste’ computers may require a lot of research and ‘detective’ work, or may seem even ‘impossible’. Of course more design work and legislation would be needed on this too. With huge resources of already supervising many things, inventiveness and many smart people, I do believe that the military and the industrial complex connected with it could help.

But military have sided with big corporations! And they don’t have our best interests at heart! you may say. How can they be trusted? And of course, partly you could be right. That’s why other people and good trusted NGOs already doing the work would be supervising the programs too.

Can this be done without exposing food or other materials to harmful X-rays or such? I don’t know. But I like to think the technology has evolved, and keeps evolving.

Of course the army/the military complex would be paid for this. And companies voluntarily participating in the environmental/health/social justice transparency programs would get tax breaks.

But wouldn’t this be just a barrier to trade? Well, the number of people wishing to buy environmentally healthy products is increasing, and many would be encouraged to buy by a trustworthy program, so good companys could see an increase of trade. A tiny percentage from each buy with a smartphone app or loyalty card or such could go towards funding this program.

And ideally, the smartphones would be conflict-free and as ethically sourced and environmentally-friendly and ‘zero waste’ as possible.

Is this just a dream, or could it become reality?

This is just one of the programs that could help make people’s lives better, together, we can think of many more…

What would be good points or possible challenges that you can envision? How could we help make it better?

Rules of effective communication: say what you like first, then what could be improved, end up on a positive note!

World Peace and Good Weather Blog Starts!

worldpeaceflagsWorld peace is important.

People are important. Tragedies and trauma cause deaths, but also health and mental health problems, and in long-term can be very costly. The days of ‘profitable’ and ‘easily won’ wars seem to be over – wars today have been gruesome, ugly and difficult. With only a fraction of profits for very few, while BIG costs for everyone.

Some have argued that wars bring destruction which hence brings economic growth, but we have only one world with limited resources, and if everything is destroyed, will we have enough resources to rebuild? Also, pollution from eg depleted uranium can make a country ‘unlivable’ or at least cause long-term ill health effects.

Still, military industrial complex offers a lot of jobs and profit-making opportunities, and the purpose of this blog is to help inspire politicians, public, and everyone to direct energy AND funding into good win-win environmental and healthy projects, in the spirit of international goodwill, friendship and cooperation.

Good weather is important too. There have been rumours and ‘conspiracy theories’ about weather modification programs, and some real weather modification experiments. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if countries could COOPERATE on this too? Not stealing rain or causing problems for each other, but helping each other and the world survive.

Some have been concerned with overpopulation, but again, if we are wise and economical in sharing resources, a lot of people can survive in reasonably good wellbeing!

If we could slowly transition from the view of scarcity and ‘war for resources’ mentality to good guardianship and stewardship of Nature, while maintaining jobs and other means for living and profits, wouldn’t this be a win-win situation for EVERYONE?